Fireman Cufflinks Show Respect for One of the Most Revered Professions

Published: 07th March 2011
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Firefighting as a profession has a reputation as one of the most dangerous, yet rewarding careers in existence. Trained firefighters regularly risk (and sometimes give up) their lives in order to save the lives of complete strangers. They are known for giving extraordinary effort when called to the scene of a fire, going above and beyond the call of duty. It is not easy to keep from shedding a tear or two when you see a photo of a firefighter rescuing a person or even sharing an oxygen mask with a family's beloved pet after making a rescue.

Firefighters have to undergo extensive training to put out fires that threaten people and property, and they also rescue people from car accidents, collapsed buildings, and other extremely dangerous situations. Modern life has brought about an enormous increase in complexity in the work that firefighters are called to do, with hazards that couldn't be envisioned a century ago. Therefore, firefighters have to have broad training that they must keep up over the years, and they must have the mental acuity to go along with the physical demands the job makes.

Firefighters don't do their jobs for fame, or for the money, but because they are driven to make a real difference in a way that few people would be brave enough to try. You won't find many firefighters who openly brag about what they do - they'd rather let the job speak for itself. But if you are a firefighter, or if you have a friend or relative who is a firefighter, one wonderful way to show appreciation for all that he does is with a pair of silver fireman cufflinks.

Firemens' shield cufflinks, featuring a ladder, fire hydrant, and fire engine, are made in sterling silver and are among the more beautiful and meaningful cufflinks made today. They would be perfect for a fireman who is getting married to wear with his tux, or to honor a firefighter upon his retirement. They would also make a wonderful holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift for a firefighter.

Sure, firemen aren't known for wearing dress shirts with French cuffs in their everyday life. But having a pair of beautiful cufflinks on hand for special occasions can make those occasions even more meaningful, reminding the wearer of the importance of the profession, and the dedication and bravery that are necessary for those who pursue it.

Cufflinks are making a comeback for men who want to step up their style quotient. They're individual, attractive, and allow a man to express something about himself without being flashy or seeming to be trying to be the center of attention. While firefighter cufflinks are one of the more meaningful cufflink designs, there are many more to choose from. And they aren't just for weddings anymore. Many professionals wear them with the suits they wear to work, men wear them for special occasions like anniversary dinners, and there are even more casual style cufflinks for a modern edge to the trend.

If you are a firefighter, or have a firefighter in your life, consider fireman cufflinks as an eloquent and expressive way to give tribute to one of the world’s most important professions. Get your firefighter cufflinks today.

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